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"The Hospital Operating System has improved the quality of care and entire patient experience because Mercy Medical Center has embraced positive changes across the entire hospital. This is not a project, it's a journey to continuously improve how we coordinate and provide care for patients. Everyone at every level in the hospital participates, every single day, and the patients, families and caregivers all win."

-Daniel P. Moen, System CEO of Sisters of Providence Health System

In support of its customers' operational goals, Care Logistics provides a leadership mindset curriculum and process reworking, empowered by Enterprise Logistics Software, to help hospitals achieve reliable and predictive performance in the areas of throughput, quality and experience.  

Company Summary

Care Logistics works with hospitals to adopt healthcare’s first patient-first, zero-defect “production system” for care delivery. This Hospital Operating System utilizes many proven logistical processes and tools used in other industries that ensure planes fly safely, packages arrive on time, and plants deliver expected volumes of quality products on time, complete, and correct.  With Care Logistics, Hospitals are able to design their processes to deliver compassionate & exceptional care efficiently, predictably and reliably for all patients across the entire hospital.


The Hospital Operating System comprises three core components: (1) Executive and leadership sessions and problem-solving tools to establish a patient-first, zero-defect system aim and culture. (2) A 24/7 hub-and-spoke care coordination model that orchestrates team action across all departments to ensure every patient receives the right care at the right time in the right setting. (3) Logistics software built specifically to give caregivers all the tools and visibility necessary to provide reliable, predictable quality care for all patients, all the time.

"By using our expertise to redesign care coordination empowered by our enterprise logistics software, we help our hospital partners lower costs, add patient capacity and improve patient care quality.  Our Hospital Operating System sets the stage for our customers to excel by enabling them to achieve reliable and predictive operational performance.  They achieve increased levels of quality healthcare while reducing the costs needed to deliver their services."

- Karl Straub, President, Care Logistics

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