It’s not uncommon for families throughout Mexico to save for years to own a lot, so they can pass it on to their kids. This gives their kids a chance to save and build a house. The problem is that many living conditions take a toll on families over time through hunger, illness and lack of access to education. And the cycle continues.

Enrique, a 29-year-old father, worked incredibly hard as a delivery man, to provide for his family. His weekly salary was $70 per week. He, his wife, Ana, and their three young children were living in a make-shift, one-room structure on a dirt lot in Tijuana, Mexico.

But on September 19, 2016, Enrique and Ana’s lives changed.

Jackson Healthcare’s senior executives and company presidents traveled together to Tijuana to help Enrique build a safe, three-room home for his family. Jackson partnered with Homes of Hope, a growing organization that has placed more than 5,000 families in homes across Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

It was an emotional experience for everyone involved. One that impacted Enrique’s family and Jackson’s leaders.

In reflecting on the two days, Paula, a Homes For Hope representative, wrote that she was “blown away” when someone at Jackson asked Ana, “What is your dream?” Her tears said it all. A home for her family was her dream.

Now, that dream was a reality.

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