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2015 Hospital Charitable Services Awards Conference

Registration is open. Register your program and join us at the St. Regis in Atlanta, GA on February 7th.


What types of Outreach Programs are Rewarded?

Programs -- from well-established to new and innovative -- that serve the underserved in impactful ways

Share in $100,000 prize pool
Receive national and local publicity
Plus, opportunities to share successes

A Community of Your Peers

Nominees include community health experts and hospital foundation directors, community benefit managers, program administrators

Learn strategies to reach new donors and earn hospital administration support
Find evidence-based answers to your questions
Build a support network

Learn How Hospitals Are Impacting Lives

youth heart highlight

Youth Heart Watch identifies young people with potentially serious heart problems that have not previously been recognized and determines the best way to treat them. The program also increases access to AEDs, and AED and CPR training.

mobile food highlight

The Mobile Food Market addresses the persistent lack of access to healthy food for low-income families by serving fresh produce and frozen foods free of charge in a 'Farmer's Market' style. The program also provides health education and screenings.

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Learn more about the Awards

Hospital Charitable Service Awards

Jackson Healthcare Honors Hospitals That Give Back

Our hospitals consistently push beyond their core mission of providing essential healthcare services and generously give back to the communities they serve - through education, screenings and free care. It's time these stories of compassion and charity are celebrated and rewarded.  More importantly, it's time these stories are shared.

The Hospital Charitable Service Awards, a new program sponsored by Jackson Healthcare, honors hospitals whose charitable commitment promotes health and wellness in the local and global hospital community. Our goal is to promote and support organizations setting new standards in their outreach efforts, hospitals that offer positive stories that capture the spirit of true care. Learn more.